Kylie Lip Kits All Day, Anywhere


Behold my fancy gold lip kits! Let me get right into the thick of the shallowness and tell you all about these babies.

So traditionally Kylie’s Lip Kits come with a liner and a matt lipstick, but the birthday edition like the one’s above, albeit gold and ever so shiny, come with only the lipstick. “Bummer,” I thought as I opened them up because whatever will frame my lips if not a pencil, but on the plus side- you get 6 colours instead of one for less than the price of a regular lip kit (hells yeah!). And then that thing happened where I couldn’t stop wearing them all month. I literally have not reverted back to my lip-liners since this pretty package came my way.

Why? Because they define your lips perfectly, the matt colours actually come off looking super natural in the nude shades and super glam in the darker ones, but mostly because they last ALL day. I seriously get going for work, indulge in the coffee, the bacon and eggs, the morning boyfriend kisses and lunch before I have to re-apply. They even last straight through gym sessions, which makes them absolute staples in my handbag everyday. And you can mix and match between all 6 shades for all sorts of occasions.

Initially I figured I’d favour the darker shades most, Leo and Kristen, but the nudes have been a really big hit. The only one I’ve shied away from is Koko K as I find it slightly too light for my skin tone. They’re worth the hype if you can get your hands on ’em. For my South African friends Makeup Chick South Africa got them to me in a couple of days. The 6 shades included are Exposed, Dolce K, Koko K, Candy K, Kristen and Leo- I’ve mixed and matched them for you. And then there’s a bonus photo of my dog completely showing me up in my own photographs just because and the shade I’m wearing in that one is Dolce K. Enjoy!